Winelib's role in converting Windows applications

Troy Rollo wine at
Sun May 8 19:37:12 CDT 2005

On Sat, 7 May 2005 16:16, Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> What I found, when I suggested to clients to work this way, was that the
> debugging tools were wholly and utterly inadequate. With all due respect
> (and I have TONS of respect) to winedbg, it's not up to the standards of
> working with ddd or the Visual Studio integrated debugger.

Many years ago I made GDB understand Borland's TDS debugging format. I now use 
a modified gdb+insight under Linux to debug Borland  compiled executables 
under WINE, together with some scripts that allow me to debug Borland code 
and GCC code in the same session.

I believe the old Microsoft VC++ debug format was trivially different to 
Borland's TDS, although I don't know about Microsoft's current debugging 
formats. If winedbg already has symbol reading code perhaps that can be 

I tried to get the Borland TDS stuff merged into the standard GDB code but 
there were components that needed to go into some of the libraries GDB 
depends on and the maintainers of those libraries were somewhat unresponsive 
to my submissions.

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