ERROR_NOT_READY (21) in ne_module.c

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Sun May 8 23:01:53 CDT 2005

Felix Nawothnig wrote:
> Since bug 2131 was closed I'll paste it here again:
> ne_module.c explicitly sets errorcode 21 (ERROR_NOT_READY) when
> (
>   LoadLibraryA()ing the owner of a 16bit dll failed
> or
>   the search for the 16bit dll returned a real (.so)
>   dll and not a symlink to the owner
> ) and trying to load a native version of the 16bit dll failed with
> (dlls/kernel/ne_module.c:1218)
> Anyone knows the reason for that behavior?
> -flx

You can still comment to the bug even though it is closed.  Since that 
bug was 2 issues in 1, I went ahead and closed it since the first issue 
cant/wont be fixed, but even though this issue has been posted to this 
list, it will be easier to keep track of if you file a bug for it as 
well..  Of course it could be related to the error in 2131.  Some of the 
devs commented that 16-bit dll's use a PE header, while 32-bit ones use 
a NE header, and that is why it wouldnt be possible to wrap the 16-bit 
routines within the same dll as the 32-bit ones.  This appears to 
honestly be for the same reason, if I understood what they were saying. 
  Let's let them comment though, and if a bug should be filed, they will 
tell you to do so..


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