Quicken/CreateCompatibleBitmap issue revisited

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Mon May 9 03:05:36 CDT 2005

"Carl Sopchak" <carl.sopchak at cegis123.com> wrote:

> "Which I guess brings up another point...  dlls/gdi/bitmap.c's
> CreateCompatibleBitmap shows the aforementioned fixme message if the width or
> height exceeds 0x10000, and no bitmap is returned.  This seems wrong to me on
> three counts: (1) MSDN states that if either width or height is zero, a 1x1
> monochrome bitmap is returned (in my case the height was 0, but the width was
> "huge", so a 1x1 bitmap should be returned); (2) a 0x11000 by 0x2 bitmap is
> within the (more restrictive Win95) 16 MB limit and should be valid; and (3) 
> Win NT/2000/XP do not seem to have any restriction on a bitmap's size (except
> physical and paged memory constraints), so at least in theory, any values for
> width and height are "valid".
> So, this begs the question, should Wine's CreateCompatibleBitmap be modified 
> for any (or all?) of the reasons above?

A test case showing how Windows behaves in such a case would be the very first
step towards a proper fix.


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