Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at gmail.com
Mon May 9 10:23:27 CDT 2005

this is my qcap dll in its current state, because i dont have much time 
in the next couple of weeks I' d thought I'd post it, perhaps someone 
can make it work with the new qcap dll implementation, what i have here 
is a pretty much complete version of qcap + a near complete version of 
V4l implementation (if i recall correctly, only YUV formats are missing 
now.. and V4L2 support but I'm *NOT* going to add that anyway)

What files need to be added for vfwcapture?
enumpins.c, media.c, null.c, pin.c, v4l.c, vfwcapture.c (+ perhaps some 

although julliard doesn't like copying media.c, enumpins.c and pin.c 
from quartz, it was the only way to make it work.. (I'm still not sure 
if he believes me though..)

I tested this stuff by using msn webcam settings, if you want to 
transmit to someone else, you need a native version of msvfw32, else it 
won't work

bonus points if you make this work through the wine driver model 
(dlls/winmm?), and write a patch for avicap32 to use winmm too (at least 
for capgetdriverdescription), I don't know how wine drivers work but you 
could try it. (I hope julliard allows the first version to use V4l in 
If there are questions just ask.. I'm off to study for the big exams now..

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