Window management - what to do next?

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon May 9 16:25:10 CDT 2005

Ok, I've been digging this stuff for more then a week now. And I still don't
have even a partial understanding of what's going on in there. If someone please
explain me these:
1. Where wine stops and passing over to X/window manager? I'm most interested in
  handling focus changes, minimize/maximize/restore.
2. What are we doing about properly implementing minimize/maximize/restore.

Here is what I uncovered so far about SetWindowPos:
2. Wine does not redraw owner/owned windows (or not in a proper order) when
   z-order changes.

It looks like these heavily depend on focus changes and owner/owned windows
relations. Some times native redraws both owner and owned windows. Sometimes
none at all. Same goes for messages.

I'm kind of stuck here. To go any further I need to know what part should we
delegate to WM and what part do ourselves.

Best regards,

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