Commercial support

gslink gslink at
Tue May 10 11:27:42 CDT 2005

StartCom Ltd. wrote:
> If they would have wanted some contact, that would have done it long 
> time ago....More than that, if they'd like to have Windows API support 
> on Linux, they could have done it (and still could do) much easier, than 
> it's done now at Wine. (Like they did with Frontpage for Apache).
> But it could be also a revenue for MS to produce such a API-for-Linux 
> and as current messages get out from Redmond, with some reconciliation 
> with the Open Source community, chances may be for some interest. Mmmhh, 
> there is Bill Hilf and Martin Taylor which are the Linux guys at MS....
> But contacting MS should be made only after a decision (voting) of this 
> list.....
> gslink wrote:
>>> IBM does very well know the existents of Wine (they even acknowledged 
>>> that by themselves lately), but may very well not support it, because 
>>> of inter-relation with MS. As of now (just a guess), they don't want 
>>> to get into more hot water right now....
>> Would it be to the advantage of Microsoft to have Wine succeed?  They 
>> have given Apple much support and at every class for the past several 
>> years the instructors have had a copy of Linux on every machine.  A 
>> very good case can be made for Microsoft supporting Wine especially 
>> since the RH secure kernel came via NSA and may very well become a DOD 
>> standard. Perhaps Wine should formally contact Microsoft.
Now we are getting all the ideas on the table.  I agree.

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