Initial popup window and window manager

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed May 11 03:43:32 CDT 2005

Jose Alonso wrote:

>I have a problem with an application that creates a initial popup
>window and starts another application. The window for the second
>application is completely covered by the initial popup window.
>Investigating the problem, I found that the popup window is not
>managed by the window manager and no other wine or gnome window can
>go on top of this window (even on top windows).
>Making the popup window managed works for me (Fedora core 3,
>gnome, metacity). I don't know in other configurations.
>See attached patch.

I think this patch will cause bad effects for tooltips as they should be 
non-managed. Alexandre has said he will be looking into this area soon, 
but it involves checking the code on as many different window managers 
as possible.


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