Borland software patent restricting Wine development

Ingrid Marson Ingrid.marson at
Wed May 11 05:06:15 CDT 2005

I'm writing an article today following Dimitri O. Paun's talk at the
Wine Developer conference in Stuttgart. He said that Winelib development
is restricted due to a Borland software patent. Borland's software
patent means that an important feature to the Gnu Compiler Collection
project cannot be applied. Winelib support would depend on that patch.


The FFII has written an article on this:


I am keen to find out more about this issue. Does anyone know about this
issue, or know how I can contact Dimitri? (I have tried to find his
email address using Google but haven't had any success).


Thanks for your help. 






Ingrid Marson
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