Wine test question: How to test for messages send?

Tobias Burnus burnus at
Wed May 11 19:02:43 CDT 2005


I'm trying to write a conformance test for user/edit.c: 

While I figured out how to send messages, call functions etc. I don't 
know how to check whether a message has been sent. But I need to know 
whether Windows sends one as a EDIT_NOTIFY_PARENT(es, EN_MAXTEXT, 
"EN_MAXTEXT") causes my Origin to crash.

Origin crashes since a patch was introduced in Wine which sends this 
message. Origin (at least under Wine) seems to create a 7px wide edit 
control which is then trys to fill with "10" (being 20px wide). Since 
not even "1" fits in there, the content of the edit control is "" and a 
EN_MAXTEXT is sent.

While removing the EDIT_NOTIFY_PARENT line helps, this is surely not the 
right solution; Lauri Tulmin (author of mentioned patch) suggested to 
test for it:

"From what I understand, the program crashes when it receives EN_MAXTEXT
notification. You should figure out why the textbox is too small to 
contain the text. Or maybe this notification shouldn't be sent at all, 
although MSDN says it should be, but maybe there are some exceptions. 
Probably you'll need to write some test's to figure out what exactly 
goes wrong."

For details, see bug 2813.


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