user32.dll fix and test ShowOwnedPopups

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu May 12 02:39:59 CDT 2005

"Vitaliy Margolen" <wine-devel at> wrote:

> > Then each owned window will receive 2 WM_SHOWWINDOW messages. Are you sure
> > that Windows does it that way? I'd advise to write a message test to verify it.
> That's exactly what happens. Window receives two WM_SHOWWINDOW messages. One
> with lparam indicating a reason for show/hide. And another one with lparam=0,
> which indicates native calls ShowWindow and not SetWindowPos directly.
> As for the tests, I could, but I don't think it's that critical. As you can see,
> I just verified that window has to be shown/hidden and not just to receive a
> message.

Actually a confirmation with a test case is mandatory for not obvious fixes
or for fixes which could have side effects. I'd consider all window management/
message handling related patches to be in that category.


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