Software patents

gslink gslink at
Thu May 12 07:04:57 CDT 2005

The whole business of software patents is very likely to explode at any 
time.  There are several software patents on cds and dvds which are so 
vague that it is impossible to tell exactly what is going on.  The 
licenses to use these patents allow the company issuing the patent to 
control cd content and to examine it.  The first time one of these 
companies tries to use the license to access DOD classified information 
there will be a resolution.
The easiest way to resolve this business with Borland is to contact 
Borland.  They may also have an interest in Wine.  If they have no 
objection to what Wine wants to do then there is no one else to 
complain.  They might even help Wine.  Borland probably doesn't even 
realize that Wine exists although some of the people in Borland are 
probably very familiar with it.  I think you will find this to be true 
of all big software companies such as IBM and Microsoft.

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