Bug 2931 (again)

Dustin Navea speeddymon at gmail.com
Thu May 12 09:31:05 CDT 2005

Mike Hearn wrote:
> Well, I'm a bit dubious as to the value of posting bugs here anyway, we
> have wine-bugs for that. If it really does motivate people to work on them
> though then I guess it'd be OK.

It seems to not necessarily _motivate_ someone to work on a bug, but it 
does seem to get them fixed faster..  Mainly the fastest fixes are done 
on regressions, which is pretty much all I report here, with one 
exception.. See below.

The only time I actually post a bug to wine-devel is after a 
regression-causing patch (or the problematic code in case its not 
related to a patch) is found.  And even then I take a look at it to see 
if I could come up with a solution.  Believe me, there are many more 
bugs that are reported that dont make it to the list, simply because the 
user isn't willing/able to either run a regression test, or provide the 
necessary logs and backtrace.

Since I am a maintainer for bugzilla, I figure the more I probe the 
users for information, the less you will have to.  And if we find the 
problem code, then I forward to you all, in the hopes that it can be 
easily fixed..

I should probably go back through the whole db looking for bugs that can 
be closed due to inactivity, like I started to do 4 years ago, but I 
havent found the time to yet.  Hopefully now that all of the bugs I was 
working on are reported, I can do that on monday and tuesday next week, 
but I cant guarantee that it will happen, as something seems to always 
come up at the last minute. *sigh*

Either way though, I am posting a recruitment message to wine-users, 
because we do need some more bug competent db maintainers, which will 
help reduce the clutter and get bugs we need to work on priority..


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