Installing Acrobat Reader 7 and Acrobat in general

gslink gslink at
Fri May 13 07:19:11 CDT 2005

Peter wrote:
> I see.
> Of course I have Acrobat 7 installed. The problem is Adobe does not
> supply the DRM plugin (Yea I know some of you do not like DRM and I have
> too some reservations but we should have the choice, shouldn't we?)
> Since the only other way to get DRM support beside wine is VMware wich
> is more ugly to set up.
> I would like to have a working Acrobat reader with DRM support on wine
> since this is less trouble (and more efficent) then the VMware solution
> people use atm.
> Maybe I can get Acrobat reader 5 with DRM support up and running.
> Adobe has a very confusing policy of giving away information what
> Version can on which Plattform.
> I send them a note already but i fear (like always) I am ignored. :(
> cheers
> Peter
> Am Donnerstag, den 12.05.2005, 11:46 -0400 schrieb gslink:
>>Use the native Linux Reader 7 from the Adobe web site. Running Reader 7 
>>under Wine isn't worth the trouble.  Acrobat Professional is a different 
>>matter.  The latest Acrobat Professional that will work on Wine is 5. 
>>Both 6 and 7 require dlls that must be supplied from Windows.  Seven has 
>>copy protect features that actually discourage use on any machine.  With 
>>some trouble you can probably get 6 to work.  It will currently install 
>>and with the addition of the missing dlls almost work.  If someone wants 
>>to patch Wine so that 6 runs it would probably see considerable use.
The only difference between talking to a telephone pole and talking to 
Adobe is that if you drink enough the telephone pole will answer.  In 
reality almost nothing of any importance currently runs on Wine without 
some setup.  What you probably need to do is to experiment with 
replacing some of the dlls or adding some from Windows.  This is usually 
what is necessary.  You may also need to install the software in a 
Windows machine and then copy it over.  Start trying things and 
something will probably work.  I have been getting on the Wine people 
because this feature of Wine makes it useless for the average user. 
There needs to be some easy way for someone to report what is necessary 
to get a new version of something running or there needs to be a good 
configurator written.  Wine is a very good program but the Wine group is 
making a classic programming error in forgetting the user interface.  It 
doesn't make any difference how good it is if you can't get at it!  In 
this case you can't.

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