Assertion fails in riched20; relay debug segfaults

Adrian Harvey ajharvey at
Fri May 13 19:38:12 CDT 2005

> On Wed, 11 May 2005 23:01:17 +1200, Adrian Harvey wrote:
> > Well, I got some output at least!  Never used strace before, but it
> > looks kinda like a +relay trace for the kernel :-)  
> Yep, that's exactly what it is :)
> > I also happened to be tailing the syslog (I was looking at something
> > completely different) and I noticed that the following was written:
> > 
> > May 11 22:50:55 orac kernel: strace[7749] trap stack segment rip:410c86 rsp:800000007b20 error:0
> > May 11 22:50:55 orac kernel: wine-preloader[7750]: segfault at 000000005575b624 rip 000000005575b624 rsp 00000000ffffc824 error 15
> > 
> > I doubt it's much use, but I thought any information might help here....
> Somehow you managed to compile Wine as 64-bits, which isn't going to work.
> I think you need to remove your current Wine installation and
> install/compile it as 32 bits.
> thanks -mike

OK, I've removed that install of wine form my system, updated to the
latest CVS, re-run configure, make depend, make and make install, and
still I get the same problem.  I piped all the make output to a file,
and the all the gcc commands have the -m32 flag after them (the winegcc
ones don't, but these seem to all be linking rather than compiling.)  I
have run file over the binaries, and they all say ELF 32-bit LSB
executable (or shared object, for the libraries).

Out of interest, how did you know it had been compiled as 64 bit?

Any ideas how I can track down which bit is being mis-compiled as 64
bit, so I can tidy up the build for that part?  And is anyone else
seeing the same symptoms (ie: WINEDEBUG="+relay" wine  crashing)?  I've
got a pretty vanilla Fedora install, apart from being AMD64, so I
shouldn't be unique....


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