Debugging remotely from Visual studio

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sat May 14 06:55:15 CDT 2005

David Hemmo a écrit :
> Eric Pouech wrote:
>> - kernel send a trap signal
>> - wine's ntdll catches it, and queue the information as a debug event 
>> in the wineserver
>> - the debugger (msvcmon in your case) get notified of the trap while 
>> waiting for a debug event
> I understand.
> I made a log of what happens when I single step with the debugger:
> I see the debugger waking up
> 001b: *wakeup* signaled=258 cookie=0x2f9ce4
> then, a little further it get the exception status
> 001b: get_exception_status() = 0 
> {status=65538,context={flags=00010007,...,eflags=00210346,...}}
> and then the same thread has a lot of lines in the log with the same 
> message
> 001b: *signal* signal=5
> until the message
> 001b:warn:seh:setup_exception exception outside of stack limits in 
> thread 001b eip 002b448d esp 019b12ec stack 0x19b0000-0x1ab0000
what's strange is that esp is within stack limit... wine exception handler must 
this from another part... it may come from msvcmon tweaking the selectors (cs, 
ss) for some reasons

Eric Pouech

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