Video Capturing under Wine

James Hawkins truiken at
Sat May 14 11:40:48 CDT 2005

On 5/14/05, Maarten Lankhorst <m.b.lankhorst at> wrote:
> We are not windows, using HKLM/SYSTEM/.../msvideo would not be an option imho, because when should we write it? And what if you just connected your webcam and modprobe'd the drivers for it, it would make things too difficult. I think the best way is to use winmm like dsound/etc uses, and add a configure option in ~/.wine/config so you can select what video driver you want to use. Since I don't exactly know how winmm works, some insight in how (for example) the sound drivers in winmm are called/used would be more then welcome, since, unlike the rest of the stuff I worked upon until now was well documented, but I doubt winmm is...

We are currently phasing out .wine/config.  The plan is to have
winecfg ready by the end of June, and remove the config file at the
same time.  winmm uses a location in the registry to determine which
driver to use.  Writing to HKLM/SYSTEM/... etc is not out of the
question;  the win32 api does it, and wine is an implementation of
this api.  There are several possible times to right this registry
data (I'm not here to say which one is best or correct).  It can be
put in wine.inf which the registry is loaded from, or can be written
during a DllRegisterServer call.

James Hawkins

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