Debugging remotely from Visual studio

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun May 15 05:34:35 CDT 2005

David Hemmo a écrit :
>> what's strange is that esp is within stack limit... wine exception  
>> handler must this from another part... it may come from msvcmon  
>> tweaking the selectors (cs, ss) for some reasons
> I agree it is strange but it still comes up after a bunch of  "001b:  
> *signal* signal=5" that should not be there.
are you sure they are all from the same address ? if not, it only means the 
program is being single stepped.
> Any idea how I can trace the cause for the repetition of this  signal ? 
we didn't change much in this area lately.
> Or how I can fix it ?
can you send me the whole +seh,+server trace. TIA

Eric Pouech

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