Installing Acrobat Reader 7 and Acrobat in general

gslink gslink at
Mon May 16 08:43:44 CDT 2005

The user interface is what the user has to do to use the program.  This 
is not supported in Wine.  You will find links from winehq to several 
lists of things that run under Wine.  When you attempt to use these 
lists you will find that many if not most of the programs do not run as 
The user outside the Wine world sees a totally false picture of Wine. 
He loads Wine and finds there are NO current instructions on how to use 
it so he presumes Wine to be worthless and goes away.  Even if he 
persists there is still the problem of figuring out exactly how to make 
many if not most of the programs in the will run database work.  The 
public simply won't put up with this.  You can't have Wine so that a 
user must be a priest to load a special dll or to find out what special 
dll is necessary.
Currently, there needs to be a short document written and KEPT up to 
date.  To install and use Wine do .......  This document needs to point 
to somewhere where the user can get more help.  There needs to be a WIKI 
where postings can be made specifically concerning what is necessary to 
make a program work on Wine.  How do you currently make Office or 
Acrobat work on Wine?  To my knowledge there are currently no large or 
complicated programs that you just load and run under Wine.  You must 
set them all up first.  It doesn't make any difference to the user if a 
program fails because of a sound driver.  Waiting for all this to be 
fixed perfectly means a wait forever and serves no purpose without at 
least simple instructions on how to use Wine now.

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