Installing Acrobat Reader 7 and Acrobat in general

Mike Hearn mh at
Mon May 16 13:03:51 CDT 2005

On Mon, 16 May 2005 09:43:44 -0400, gslink wrote:
> The user outside the Wine world sees a totally false picture of Wine. 
> He loads Wine and finds there are NO current instructions on how to use 
> it so he presumes Wine to be worthless and goes away.

The basic idea is you don't need any instructions. We currently associate
EXE files with Wine, so you can just click on the EXE file. Problem is,
there's no icon for them! It looks like any old unrecognised file.
Unintuitive as hell, that's for sure. We need to get Jimmac or somebody
else to draw us some nice win32 file icons and get them merged into the
default icon themes (or our CVS). 

This is a *concrete* and *achievable* task, which would hugely improve the
usability of WineHQ IMO. Hand-waving about what the developers should or
should not do isn't that useful, but this is the sort of job anybody can
do. So why not go do it?

thanks -mike

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