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Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Wed May 18 06:54:25 CDT 2005

MediaHost (TM) wrote:

> Looks interesting! Any idea, when your patches get committed into the 
> "official" releases?
>> Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
>>> Status: Nearly complete, need testers.
>>> You need the native quartz dll, which get installed with internet 
>>> explorer, as the builtin quartz doesn't work properly when changing 
>>> media format on initialisation.
>> Possibly a problem with the code I wrote. Can you provide more 
>> details on this?
>>> IFilterGraph Reconnect isn't implemented, and for some reason *looks 
>>> strangely at Robert* instead of a FIXME() there's a TRACE telling it 
>>> is a stub...
>> I didn't write any of the IFilterGraph implementation, but you are 
>> right that it is crazy.
>> Rob
Writing some final bugfixes at the moment, so I think a matter of days 
before it'll be done in a state that julliard might commit..

There were 2 small reasons why builtin quartz wasn't working
1. if format changed, it would need to reconnect with new size (Quartz, 
submitted a patch)
2. if format wasn't changed, I used my own optimized code, that wrote 
960 bytes to a wrong place, so it crashed. (Totally my fault)
btw, nice name and signature...

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