console behaviour of tty vs. x11 driver

Kuba Ober kuba at
Thu May 19 12:28:58 CDT 2005

I'm running as a cross-compiler under wine. Everything looks very nice 
when you run it with X server running. Yet, when there's no X present, 
winetty driver kicks in and corrupts the console output. Is there a simple 
remedy? Here are the problems that I observe:

1. Pointless Xlib error message about it not being able to connect to the X 
server -- this wastes 2 lines of screen real estate and the apps in question 
are console-only *anyway*
It'd be nice to have an environment variable or a registry setting to disable 
showing of this message.

2. Winetty seems to use ncurses for simple line-oriented output where winex11 
did the right thing and didn't wrap the output with escape sequences in such 
a weird way

3. Winetty clears the screen upon startup (due to ncurses maybe), so e.g. 
running things from nmake.exe makes the screen get wiped everytime a 
compile/link step is invoked.

This has a nasty side effect: with winetty driver a simple
wine foo.exe > log
gives you corrupt output with escape sequences that weren't reallyoutput by 
foo.exe , whereas with winex11
wine foo.exe > log
gives you the *correct* output capture.

I will file a bug for it if it's not just something weird on my side.


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