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Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Thu May 19 23:25:29 CDT 2005

It _would_ be nice if we could possibly move all of the FAQ's and 
users/development guides to the wiki..  That way it would be easier to 
maintain, as you could do it from any computer, and not have to edit 
sgml, submit a patch, etc..

I could help with porting it all in my free time, now that the bug 
submits have calmed down somewhat..  This would give me a chance to 
update some of the outdated information and just do general cleanups..

Any objections?  If not Ill start work on it on Monday, and just put it 
under new users called FrequentQuestions UserGuides and DevelGuides with 
a password we can all remember, something like 1234, who knows?


Dimitrie Paun wrote:
> These are good tips. Maybe we should collect them on the Wiki :)
> Couple more:
>   -- if you want to put your email on your page, but are afraid
>      of spam, use the MailTo macro like so:
>     [[MailTo(dimi AT SPAMFREE lattica DOT com)]]
>      This will still show the address properly in the browser, 
>     and avoids email harvesting just fine.
>   -- please try to provide a comment when you change a page.
>      It takes very little effort (just a few words will do), and helps
>      a lot when you look at RecentChanges.
> I'm glad people like the Wiki. It can become an amazing resource,
> but only if people contribute and take care of it. I think it's already
> on it's way of being a great development resource.
> If you have any complaints, needs or wants, please don't hesitate
> to voice them -- I'd be more then happy to address them.

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