WineHQ css; binfmt && Mono && wine

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Fri May 20 01:35:27 CDT 2005

Something broke on WineHQ. For some reason <br /> tags aren't getting parsed 
right - see this week's WWN for an example. It's displaying "<BR>". I 
haven't looked into it at all, but I figured someone (Dimi?) might remember 
messing with this stuff recently.

Also, anyone happen to know if Wine can be used in conjunction with binfmt 
alongside Mono? Are there any unique C# identifiers in the first 128 bits of 
a .Net executable that could identify it? It appears the Mono guys recommend 
looking for the magic MZ bytes, which is exactly what Wine requires also. We 
can't look for "PE" since binfmt can only look at the first 127 bytes of a 

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