GDI: move 16-bit handles to the large heap

Andreas Mohr andi at
Fri May 20 02:38:50 CDT 2005


On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 12:18:07AM -0400, Dimi Paun wrote:
> So we have to export a Wine specific function from GDI.
> Big deal... :) What can we do, we have to cut the 
> Gordian Knot [].
Well, umm, anyone an idea how Windows does this? ;-)
(I assume that Windows has to do the same thing somehow)

When I worked on the GDI system object mechanisms, I investigated that,
but didn't find anything which could have done that.

OTOH I'd bet that the Windows way of achieving this is equally messy...

Andreas Mohr

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