GDI: move 16-bit handles to the large heap

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at
Fri May 20 03:17:46 CDT 2005

> Well, umm, anyone an idea how Windows does this? ;-)
> (I assume that Windows has to do the same thing somehow)
> When I worked on the GDI system object mechanisms, I investigated that,
> but didn't find anything which could have done that.
> OTOH I'd bet that the Windows way of achieving this is equally messy...
Given that on windows (NT at least), GDI objects live in kernel and are 
managed by win32k.sys, it is likely that win32k.sys handles this internally.

Windows 9x, I have no idea (perhaps user32.dll passes something special to 
gdi32.dll to do what is needed, perhaps user32.dll messes with the gdi 
handles directly)

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