Implement RegNotifyChangeKeyValue on top of NtNotifyChangeKey

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sat May 21 02:39:16 CDT 2005

Dimitrie Paun a écrit :
>>This patch removes the last server call from advapi32 and we should keep 
>>it free from server calls to reduce the effects of the changing of a 
>>server interface.
> Nice. BTW, what DLLs make server calls? Any other that shoudn't
> but still do?
here's the list of server calls in all wine DLLs (only are listed the DLLs that 
actually make server calls).
The number of calls is splitted between the ntdll form (using an NT status) and 
kernel form (setting the error code with SetLastError()).
PsApi is clearly another one to be cleaned-up and should use the NTDLL 
equivalent for that (and no longer the toolhelp ones).
As a mid-term project, kernel should heavily rely on NTDLL for the server calls.

Call Krn NT
  83: 73  10  kernel
  98: 0   98  ntdll
   7: 7   0   psapi
   2: 0   2   ttydrv
110: 75  35  user
  11: 1   10  winsock
  10: 3   7   x11drv

Eric Pouech

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