Wine on Sparc

Chuck Hall chall at
Mon May 23 14:09:52 CDT 2005

On Mon, 23 May 2005, Eric Frias wrote:

> Chuck Hall wrote:
> > I have heard that people are using Wine on Solaris.  I would like to know
> > if they are using Wine on the SPARC version or the x86 version of Solaris?
> I'm using it on the Sparc version, with Solaris 7 and 8.  Winelib only, 
> of course, none of the emulation stuff is going to work on Sparc.
> > There does seem to be code within Wine to have it run on SPARC machines,
> > but it currently does not seem to compile, at least on the Solaris
> > version.
> Right now I'm using an old version of wine circa November 2004, and it 
> needed a few minor fixes to work correctly.  I'm in the process of 
> upgrading to the latest & greatest, and unless there are major problems 
> I plan on getting it working sometime this week.  In the past, upgrades 
> haven't been too much of a problem.  When I get it working, I'll try to 
> get my patches back to the wine-patches list promptly.
> I posted my last batch of patches to wine-patches back on 2004-11-17, 
> and I know some of them didn't make it into CVS.  I also saw some 
> patches posted to one of the wine lists around 2005-05-07 by Robert 
> Lunnon with titles like "Solaris Compatibility" that you might want to 
> look at.  I don't know if his patches were for Sparc or x86, or if 
> they've been accepted.

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