UT2003 Regression - Patch at last :-))

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Mon May 23 14:38:15 CDT 2005

>>              if ((hrgn = send_ncpaint( child, NULL, &erase_flags )))
>>                  send_erase( child, erase_flags, hrgn, NULL, NULL );
>> -            prev = 0;
>> +            break;

>The problem is that this will cause children to be skipped too. What
>you really need is to repaint every window only once, but still
>recurse for children. Unfortunately that's a bit tricky to do with a
>stateless interface...

Now you tell me :-)

What about instead of the send_ncpaind/send_erase when child==prev (assuming
this to be the more 'unusual' case and not the norm) I build a list of the
hwnds and validate their update region. When the loop completes, for each
hwnd left in the list I do the send_ncpaint/send_erase processing?

Without removing the update region there's no way to step further in the
list, if I understand the problem correctly?


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