Bug 2660

peter at piments.com peter at piments.com
Tue May 24 02:58:04 CDT 2005

Yes this seems to relate to the issue I was having with one of my Delphi  
apps under wine.

I had some fancy degraded frames I had added to Tpanel and this sent  
recent wine into a infinite redraw situation.

I just modded the source for now and am running it under wine-20041019-r3

I _think_ that it may have worked anyway under that version but I dont  
have time to regression test it all now.

It seems the issue is being tackled so this may not be necessary anyway.

The rest of the app works almost flawlessly under wine which is great but  
I have a font problem in some dialogues where I had coded an 8pt that was  
std on windows but appears not to be in my wine installation.

I will have to track it down.

Once this patch works its way into a wine release I will test the  
non-linux version of my software to see if it solves the redraw issue.


On Tue, 24 May 2005 08:30:32 +0200, Dustin Navea <speeddymon at gmail.com>  

> This is more directed toward Jason, but I figure everyone should see it.  
>   As comments 9-11 note in this bug, the notes mentioned in  
> http://www.winehq.org/hypermail/wine-devel/2005/05/0420.html and the  
> resulting patch that was attached to the bug do fix the problem.  I'm  
> not sure if the patch has been committed to CVS, but if it hasn't it  
> probably should before the next wine release...  If it has, please post  
> a note to the bug and I will resolve it, referencing to get the next  
> wine release when it comes out, or CVS if someone can't wait..
> Dustin

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