Bugzilla wiki

Dustin Navea speeddymon at gmail.com
Tue May 24 12:37:08 CDT 2005

Hey everyone, I've just finished the bugzilla wiki.. If anyone has any 
comments or changes, go ahead and post them.

Alexandre, Jeremy, is there any chance that a link to the bugzilla wiki 
could be put into the sidebars for the winehq main page and the bugzilla 
main page?  That way people can read that, as it has some preferred 
guidelines on posting (including initial bug reports).  If we can get a 
link there, or at least in the docs, it should cut down on some of the 
dupes I have been getting, and also make it easier to diagnose bugs.

  * find out _every_ valid flag that can be passed to wine via the 
WINEDEBUG= variable
    * post them into a separate wiki
    * post a link from the bugzilla wiki to that new wiki

If anyone wants to start emailing me flags and what they do or can be 
useful for tracing, feel free, and I will get the wiki page started 
either tonight or tomorrow.


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