Release notes

Mike Hearn mike at
Tue May 24 18:43:05 CDT 2005

Hi guys,

Raphael pointed out on IRC that the great OpenGL work that went into the
last release wasn't mentioned in the "What's new" list that goes out with
each snapshot.

As it's unreasonable to expect Alexandre to remember or mention every
large piece of work that goes into any given release, how about we use the
Wiki to note big items as they are checked into CVS. By "big item" I mean

- Large improvements to a particular subsystem
- Adding "gold" compatibility with a well known app
- Some other end-user interesting feature

For instance, I'd say "header cleanups" are less interesting to users than
"OpenGL improvements for Warcraft". That's not a criticism of Alexandre,
it's totally reasonable that he puts things in that he can quickly
remember and as he's closer to parts of the system like import libraries
and headers it's natural that this is what springs to mind first. But we
can do better.

If people think it's a good idea, I'll create a scratchpad page on the
Wiki we can use for the next release. Anybody should be able to add
things that are "big", then when doing a release Alexandre can pick and
choose the ones he thinks are best to put in What's New.


thanks -mike

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