Bug 469 - Application can not read from serial port

Dustin Navea speeddymon at gmail.com
Wed May 25 00:40:29 CDT 2005

Hey guys, this one was (obviously) reported a while back, and the 
offending patch was found a while back as well, but it appears that mike 
(at codeweavers dot com) never was able to get around to it..

Basically it is an issue that a solar panel reading application cant 
retrieve information via the serial port.  I have requested that someone 
test it (the demo of the app is attached to the bug) on a recent wine 
build.  So hopefully it is working now, and if not, maybe it will be 
trivial?  Either way, the name of the program looks to be SunGoXL, and 
perhaps there is a more recent version of the program that allows it to 
run in wine, if the older one doesn't work.

The changelog for the patch is:

cvs log files/file.c

Mike McCormack <mike_mccormack at start.com.au>
Read data immediately in overlapped ReadFile if possible.

 From the most recent traces we have that show the problem, it looks as 
though the GetOverlappedResult function is waiting on something 
(probably the solar equipment) to be returned, but it never does, so 
maybe at the time (if not still now) wine was unable to use the serial 
port for whatever reason?

Other people could test the program, but if it is something to do with 
serial communication with solar equipment, it wouldn't make any sense, 
unless that someone else has the same equipment and issue...  Maybe the 
reporter still checks that email, and can test it out...

If theres no activity on the bug in 1 month, I will resolve it abandoned..


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