Write problem with MS Office 2003

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Wed May 25 13:38:10 CDT 2005

> Hi Stefan,
> On Wednesday 25 May 2005 18:13, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> > Any suggestions to the following patch?
> + SHELL32_GetItemAttributes (_IShellFolder_ (This),  This->pidlRoot,
> &dwAttributes);
> This->pidlRoot is the ITEMIDLIST of all SHITEMIDs starting from the root of
> the shell namespace up to the current folder. If you take a look into
> SHELL32_GetItemAttributes, it calls _ILIsDrive, _ILGetGUIDPointer and the
> like on the pidl. Those function inspect the first SHITEMID in the
> ITEMIDLIST only (see pidl.c). This means they will inspect the SHITEMID
> which represents the drive, which the ITEMIDLIST ist based on.
Just a question if I understood that correctly
So PidlRoot represents a list of Folders, from the root to the current folder. 
For C:\somedir\dirx this would more or less mean
(or even starting from Desktop. Msdn somewhere mentiones the Shell namespace)

> What you really need to do is to call SHBindToParent. This will give you a
> pointer to the current folders parent folder as well as the last SHITEMID
> of the ITEMIDLIST. Call SHELL32_GetItemAttributes with the parent folder
> and this last SHITEMID.
Can I use pidlRoot(passed by the function caller) for SHBindToParent? Now I 
SHBindToParent(This->pidlRoot, &IID_IShellFolder, (LPVOID*)&psfParent, 

later I call SHELL32_GetItemAttributes with SHELL32_GetItemAttributes 
(psfParent, rpidl, (DWORD *) &This->dwAttributes);

This causes I crash. If I understand correctly, I have to set the flags I want 
to test in This->dwAttributes before I call SHELL32_GetItemAttributes. If I 
set it to 0xffffffff(I want to test for all flags) of all flags listed as 
supported flags in shfolder.c, I get 0xf0000144(the flags a drive supports, 
oh, surprise) every time and a stack overflow later on.

> As to the caching of the file attributes: Those are already cached in the 
> SHITEMID (see _ILGetFileAttributes in pidl.c). So you are adding a redundant 
> level of caching and thus unnecessary complexity. IMHO it would be better to 
> remove the IGenericFSImpl's dwAttributes member and just call 
> SHELL32_GetItemAttributes.
You mean that I can pass &This->dwAttributes directly to 

Thanks for your help,

A summary of the relevan lines:
(The modified function is IFSFldr_PersistFolder3_InitializeEx)

    hr = SHBindToParent(This->pidlRoot, &IID_IShellFolder, 
(LPVOID*)&psfParent, (LPCITEMIDLIST*)&rpidl);
        This->dwAttributes = 0xffffffff;

        SHELL32_GetItemAttributes (psfParent, rpidl, (DWORD *) 
        ERR("Attribs: 0x%08lx\n", (DWORD) This->dwAttributes);
        This->dwAttributes = 0;

This->PidlRoot is set by existing code to ILClone (pidlRoot), and pidlRoot is 
a parameter to the function.

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