Wine on Sparc

Chuck Hall chall at
Wed May 25 13:30:04 CDT 2005

On Wed, 25 May 2005, Eric Frias wrote:

> > Gcc, gas, and gld need to be from the GNU toolchain, the rest 
> > seems to work as Solaris native.
> This is how I do things (with gld).  From what I've gathered on the gcc 
> mailing list, using gcc and gas with the native linker seems to be the 
> preferred configuration.  I've been meaning to try building with the 
> native linker sometime, but I haven't gotten around to it since gnu's 
> linker seems to work so well.

I will try it using the native ld and see what happens.

> > You mentioned that you had patches for Wine on SPARC, would you mind 
> > sharing them or should I do a google search for them?
> I don't have an easy way to make a suitable patch -- it always takes a 
> bit of work to separate the experimental changes I've made that others 
> wouldn't be interested in from the important changes fixing real bugs.
> For now, I'd suggest getting them from:
> under 'Eric Frias'.  There aren't too many.
> That said, I'm not convinced those patches will be enough to get it 
> working.  I've been working on merging in all of my patches to the 
> latest wine here, and there were a few conflicts.  Some of those patches 
> have already been applied, and one of the patches to winebuild I'm kind 
> of worried about doesn't make sense anymore -- looks like the DLL import 
> stuff moved from the data segment to the text segment.  I don't know if 
> that is going to cause problems on sparc or not...
> I'll be trying to get the current wine running this afternoon; I'll post 
> something when it's working.

I look forward to hearing how this turns out.

Have Fun!
Chuck Hall

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