Question about advapi32/eventlog.c

James Hawkins truiken at
Wed May 25 18:57:56 CDT 2005

On 5/25/05, David Hemmo < at> wrote:
> Hello
> The stubs in eventlog.c return an odd value (0xcafe4242) instead of
> For example, in RegisterEventSourceW, NULL would be an error and
> would mean the register did not work. The current value doesn't tell
> the application that it didn't work.
> Is there a reason ?

The best reason I can think of is that some programs will stop/throw
an exception/etc when they run e.g. OpenEventLog and it fails (returns
NULL).  The only functions that use the handle returned are the Event*
functions and they're all (mostly) stubs.  In either case we don't use
the handle yet.  The bottom line is that it *might* let some
application that uses the Event* api work when otherwise it would

James Hawkins

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