Serious Legal question - TLB(S)

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Thu May 26 05:34:07 CDT 2005

Robert Shearman wrote:

>  what complicates the matter for TLB files is that they contain 
> variable names and comments/help strings that could constitute a 
> copyrightable work. 

What if I do not extract comments/help and regenerate variable names, is 
it than OK.

> Therefore, I would suggest that you could use the generated .idl file 
> to write your own .idl file that has the same interface, but would not 
> be considered a copy or derived work. This is similar to what is often 
> done for Platform SDK header files in Wine. Naturally, once you have 
> your own .idl file that is free of copyright restrictions you can do 
> whatever you want with it, including (4 and 5).
Again, Must it be Human made or can I use a program that does all the 
above automatically? Is there in the law a distinct separation between 
Human hand made, or machine generated. Given that the output is the same?

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