MSI gui questions

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Thu May 26 07:56:56 CDT 2005

The native windows installer has support for a gui, but Wine's msi doesn't 
(yet). I had a look at this, and it seems that there are already some 
functions in dlls/msi/dialog.c which are for GUI handling. I had a look at 
the msi documentation in the MSDN. It appears to me that most dialogs are 
implemented in the msi file.

Well, I tried to implement the PreActionDialog ACTION. I had no problem in 
adding a new function for that action. According to my observations, I have 
to call msi_dialog_create with the name of the dialog I want to create.

Is there any reference about the dialogs' names? Do I have to write those 
dialogs(create the GUI), or is this done by the code in the .msi file?

Thanks for your help,

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