Wine on Sparc

Eric Frias efrias at
Fri May 27 16:16:47 CDT 2005

Chuck Hall wrote:
> Started to go through this and found something intresting.  lwp.h does
> exist and is found, so HAVE_SYS_LWP_H is defined.  The test for
> _lwp_create fails.  Looking a bit deeper I found that the lwp.h for
> Solaris 9 is different from the one in Solaris 10 (which is what I am
> using).  Based on this and something I read awhile ago, I belive that Sun
> is attempting to phase out the lwp stuff on Solaris.
> It looks like a workaround will need to be created for _lwp_create.  I
> will look into this and see what is the "official" way to write the code
> now, if any.  Also a workaround will need to be made for all other _lwp_*
> calls that no longer exist.

Ah.. I'm using Solaris 8 so the LWP stuff just worked.  I guess the 
correct thing to do here is just use the pthread model.  It's probably 
safer to make pthread the default model on Solaris.  I had it working 
well with my 6-month-old version of wine, so it shouldn't be too 
difficult to get it working with the current one.

You'll need to add a section to to tell it to build 
wine-pthread instead of wine-kthread:

@@ -1078,6 +1089,10 @@
+  solaris*)
+    AC_SUBST(WINE_BINARIES,"wine-pthread")
+    AC_SUBST(MAIN_BINARY,"wine-pthread")
+    ;;

and probably get rid of the checks for _lwp_create & _lwp_self:

@@ -1116,11 +1131,10 @@

  dnl **** Check for functions ****
+dnl EMF: removed _lwp_create and _lwp_self

-       _lwp_create \
-       _lwp_self \
         _pclose \
         _popen \
         _snprintf \

I'll dig around next week and see if I can figure out why wine-pthread 
seems to crash on my system.  The stack trace looks strangely familiar...


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