Optionally map the unix filesystem instead of drive letters into the shell namespace

Michael Lin mlin at corvu.com.au
Sun May 29 19:12:11 CDT 2005

Hi Michael,

>Please consider the configure based global flag only an option. That's 
>actually what I said several times. It could be a per application option as 
>well. And there is no problem in activating it via a wine-specific API, which 
>would override the config on a per process basis. 
Please explain on the per process basis. If you mean let winelib 
application change the global
flags via wine API, there will be synchronization and threading issues. 
Say application A
turn on unix path, application B turn on unix path, application B exit 
and turn off unix path,
then application A will now be back in dos path.
Or do you mean each application would have their own registry setting 
and this per application
setting is set when application is installed? Then there is problem of 
how wine get to this
application specific settings.

>Modifying shfldr_unixfs to parse unix path in addition to dos paths is 
>trivial: Just remove the (pUnixFolder->m_dwPathMode == PATHMODE_UNIX) test
>in line 339. The real problem is the test for invalid chars in the filedialog, 
>which '/' is one of. The solution is obvious: If wine is configured to 
>display unix paths, then accept '/' as a valid char in paths in comdlg32. You 
>will have to do this for your solution as well, don't you?
What I mean here is when user is browsing unix path and be able to type 
in dos path seems
a bit strange. Just the little things that doesn't make it feel really 
in unix mode for winlib app.

>Actually, we are tackling two slightly different problems here: I would like 
>to have existend applications, for which I don't have the source, to display 
>unix paths instead of dos paths in their file dialogs.
Oh .. ok .. I didn't know that.

>I don't want to offend, but I think this just isn't fair. I have contributed a 
>lot of my free time working on this stuff, and I think I would have deserved 
>to be informed on discussions and decisions in this matter.
Sorry if I offended you, that wasn't my intention. Initially it was just 
a direct email
sent to Alexandre to ask the status of the patch I previously sent. If 
it has been rejected,
I would like to know the reason so I can make changes and send in 
another patch.
Should have cc wine-devel, my apologies.

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