tab: Shift selected tab text up instead of down

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon May 30 09:29:03 CDT 2005

Monday, May 30, 2005, 1:20:31 AM, you wrote:
> On 5/29/05, Vitaliy Margolen <wine-patch at> wrote:
>> Sunday, May 29, 2005, 2:17:12, Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > Changelog
>> > * Shift selected tab text up instead of down.
>> >-         drawRect->>bottom += 3;
>> >+         drawRect->>bottom -= 3;
>> This does not shift tab up.

> The location of the tab stays the same.  The text is shifted up.
I'm not talking about tab itself. But interior of the tab. Selected tab interior
is 3 pixels bigger then none selected one.

Here is a test app I'm using to test this things:
It displays all kinds of tabs and prints tab dimensions for owner drawn once to
stdout. It's a Delphi app so if you want to modify it you'll need Delphi to
compile it.
This test clearly shows you patch is incorrect.


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