Search, and screenshots [Was Re: Half Life 2 error -- err:mmio:MMIO_ParseExtA]

J. Grant jg at
Tue May 31 14:58:07 CDT 2005

>> Also if there is already a document on setting up Half Life2 could
>> someone direct me to it please, I could not find one already.
> I'm not sure about your specific error, but I was able to get HL2
> to start with Oliver Stieber's d3d patches. However, it was far from
> playable for me. Models were missing, and there were other glitches.
> I made a web site about it, but nobody has contacted me since then
> to help debug. For info, please see appdb
> (


the search seems to have a problem when I enter "half
life 2", it does not match that against "half-life-2" I had previously
looked but not found your work.  Could that search functionality be
revised so it supports non 100% perfect matches?

The non-perfect-match search could simply be a case-insensitive count of
the letters in a name if it was too much work to do checks on fragments
of words.

Also there is the frustrating way that someone has hidden the
screenshots behind javascript pop-up code.  Is there any reason these
are not simply image links?

When clicking on the javascript popup window of the small screenshot the
window is closed!  If something is clickable I would have expected it to
go to the original full size image at least..

The image is also scaled so small that the text in the screenshots is 

Please include my email address in any replies.

Kind regards

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