Google "Summer of Code"

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue May 31 20:44:00 CDT 2005

I think we should jump on this, folks.

I don't know if Wine has an 'allotment' of $4,500 stipends,
but if they are on a first come, first serve basis,
we should get as many as we can.  And lord knows we
can use more Wine hackers...

I can think of a few projects that ought to be fun
and not too hard for a bright student.

How should we structure it?  My first thought was that
we ought to have a set of volunteers (a dreaded committee
perhaps), that reviews and agrees on the tasks
(so that they can be normalized a bit).  I'll even
volunteer :-/.  Other ideas?

And I think that we indicate to Google that the task
is done when:
   a)  We, the committee agree that it accomplishes
       the goal    AND
   b)  Alexandre commits it.

Anyone else up for this?  Dan, do you have any
guidance for us?

To be candid, I'm tempted to set
the bar a bit higher than with some of the other
student projects you've been working on (e.g. help Ivan
get copy protection working); is that out of line?



Daniel Kegel wrote:
> Google is offering students summer stipends to contribute
> to open source projects!
> To qualify for a stipend, you have to submit a proposal by
> June 24th, and the proposal has to be approved.
> See
> It would be cool if the Wine project put together a list
> of suggested projects for students to work on.
> It would be like
> but perhaps with a bit more guidance, and oriented around
> things the students can finish (and get past Alexandre!)
> by September 1st.

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