DirectSound problems - dlls/dsound/mixer.c

Juergen Wieczorek juergenw_ at
Tue Nov 1 04:03:58 CST 2005

Am Montag, den 31.10.2005, 19:05 -0500 schrieb Vincent Béron:
> Le lun 31/10/2005 à 18:10, Jesse Allen a écrit :
> [snip]
> > Sorry, but things are a bit weird with the supplied wine-0.9 for FC3.
> > In order to counter-proof, I did a rpmbuild -bb ... with the *unpatched*
> > sources from wine-0.9-1fc3-winehq and also ended up with dead sound,
> > until I set winecfg to "OSS"!
> > Then sound worked with patched or unpatched mixer.c source.
> Which alsa-libs rpms do you have? Any other sound related things not
> added via rpm?
> The patches in the FC3 srpm don't touch anything even remotely related
> to sound output, so it's probably a build machine difference we're
> seeing.
> > Strangely, when I installed the provided binary FC3.rpm, winecfg works
> > only with "ALSA" sound setting.
> > Obviously there is something wrong with the build specs of this package,
> > I have to check later.
> See above. A
> rpm -qa | LC_ALL=POSIX sort>rpm-list.txt
> might be helpful.
> Vincent
Dear Vincent,

I have been rpmbuilding the sources on my FC3 system with the latest
standard kernel-2.6.12-1.1381_FC3, which like all previous Fedora 2.6.x
kernels has no support for OSS.

My rpm system is: 

My installed alsa rpms are:

I run a few 'non-rpmed' binary packages like Java, LimeWire, a
homebanking solution and some games, but nothing that IMHO could in such
a way interfere with the sound system.

Correction to my prev posting:
When the binary wine-0.9 package is installed, I can choose "ALSA" or
"OSS" in winecfg as sound setting and have sound.
With the compiled version only "OSS" gives me sound.

For either version:
When choosing "Automatic" to auto-detect the sound system, both come up
with "OSS" though it is definitvely not installed.
Hitting "Configure" does not work too. I get the message that it "could
not open wineoss.drv or winealsa.drv", though that may not be
implemented yet.

Juergen Wieczorek
Hamburg / Germany

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