Wine on Solaris?

Rob D rddone at
Tue Nov 1 07:29:00 CST 2005

At 02:32 AM 11/1/2005, Molle Bestefich wrote:
>Rob D wrote:
> > Solaris is like the red-headed step child of the Wine world.
>What an odd remark..  What does that mean?

After perusing Robert Lunnons patchkit for hints to resolve build issues, 
it would appear that most of the issues that keep Wine from building on 
Solaris are known, but for whatever reason, do not get accepted into the 
main stream source.

I know that Solaris does several things quite different than most *nix 
implementations, but perhaps due to the limited use of Solaris, the powers 
that be resist putting in extra tests to support a small set of users.

That is just my quickly arrived at opinion based on a very short exposure 
to the environment, Sorry if I am misunderstanding the issues.

Rob Done 

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