Multimonitor support in Wine?

Thomas Tornblom Thomas.Tornblom at Hax.SE
Tue Nov 1 01:53:17 CST 2005

> Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 20:37:44 -0700
> To: wine-devel at
> From: Rob D <rddone at>
> Subject: Multimonitor support in Wine?
> Its me again.
> Ive been trying to figure how to get a (single) Wine application to be able 
> to display dialogs on each of 3 monitors in a non xinerama setup (DISPLAY 
> :0.0, :0.1, and :0.2).
> I am well aware that xinerama mode would allow this quite easily, but 
> xinerama is not an option, partly since CDE on Solaris will not work in 
> xinerama mode, and a little thing called Software Requirements Specification.

Pardon me, but what is the problem with xinerama in CDE on solaris? I have been 
running that on a couple of sunrays at work for at least a year with no 
problems. The sunray servers are running solaris 9.

> I am also aware this isnt specifically a wine issue, but in researching 
> what could be done about over the past week, I found several references to 
> gdi_display, x11drv_thread_data, and various other constructs and class 
> members in Wine that describe which display to use. This leads me to 
> believe there is some method to allow Wine to enable the desired 
> Whether the method to support this functionality is built in or needs to be 
> coded, I have not yet determined, since nearly every file in dlls/x11drv 
> directory uses these members and constructs.
> If someone has any insight on how to implement this or where I should focus 
> my efforts, it would be very helpful.
> Rob Done


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