Where is Kernel32.dll ?

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Tue Nov 1 06:35:21 CST 2005

    Hey all,

    I posted this message at the tail of another thread but I think it lost 
its visibility, as the subject was quite different. Here it goes again:

    I was performing some naive tests on my Windows box and got stuck on 
something that looks quite dumb... I just can't find the
KERNEL32.DLL library that I expected to be inside the downloadable 
"wine-dlls-0.9-mingw.zip" package. ;.(

    Can anyone confirm me if this DLL has successfully being build on 
Windows using MingW ? If so, where should I look for it ? If not, which were 
the caveats ?

    Just another piece of information: I extracted the contents of this 
package in a temporary directory and placed the notepad.exe executable along 
with a dummy notepad.exe.local file inside the same directory. When I try to 
run notepad, I have an error message that reads something like:

    "It wasn't possible to find the entry-point for the procedure 
wine_get_unix_file_name in dynamic library kernel32.dll"

    The message is written in portuguese, and this is the best translation 
that I was able to do. It looks like any other Wine library tries to call a 
procedure from the Wine kernel32,dll but ends up calling this procedure on 
the native kernel32.dll. Is that right ?

    Well... I really need the functionality implemented by the Wine 
kernel32.dll available on Windows and I'm willing to contribute to have this 

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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