Incompatible behavior of InvalidateRect/LB_SELITEMRANGE/SetCapture

wino at wino at
Tue Nov 1 11:38:20 CST 2005

On Tue, 01 Nov 2005 12:14:51 +0100, Andreas Rosenberg <sonix2003 at>  

> 3.)
> There is also a different behavior of SetCapture(hWnd) in Wine.
> If an overlapped window has captured the mouse input and a new
> child window is being openend, Windows internally releases the
> capture. Wine maintains the capture - dialogs in our application
> may not be operated with the mouse, because the parent still gets
> all the mouse messages.

This seems to correlate with what I documented on Dragon Naturally  
During the user training the mouse has no effect on the dlg and it is  
necessary to use Alt_letter combinations to continue.

Nice work on pinning it down so precisely.

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