Need some help debugging listview (Process Explorer)

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at
Tue Nov 1 13:42:42 CST 2005


I've managed to reliably crash Wine (CVS) when using Process Explorer
when using some listviews. If I start Process Explorer I have two
listviews one containing process-names and such, the other the dll's
belonging to that process. The 'names' one has 3 columns, the 'dll' one
has 5 (in my case). When I now select one of the dll's and look for the
strings in that dll (one of the options in the right-click menu) I see a
new listview with 1 column. At some point (i guess moving the mouse
between the 2 windows, speeds up the crash) I get:

000c:fixme:listview:LISTVIEW_GetColumnInfo nSubItem : 1, DPA_GetPtrCount(infoPtr->hdpaColumns) : 1
wine-pthread: listview.c:1388: LISTVIEW_GetColumnInfo: Assertion `nSubItem >= 0 && nSubItem < (*(INT*)(infoPtr->hdpaColumns))' failed.

(the fixme is my doing).

It seems that listview is mixing up things (a conclusion/guess on my
side). The listview with 1 column consist of 34856 items:

000c:trace:listview:LISTVIEW_GetItemT (lpLVItem={iItem=34856, iSubItem=0, pszText=L"WINE_1.0", cchTextMax=512}, isW=1)

but that doesn't seem to be an issue.

Any hints/tips/tricks ?



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