Calling PE DLLs

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Wed Nov 2 03:18:39 CST 2005

hi all.

sorry in case this email will get delivered twice to the list.
i subscribed yesterday an promptly used the wrong mail address
to post. so here i post again.

i'm stuck at the process of loading PE dlls.

like some others before me, i've got a native w32 dll which i
would like to hook into on a linux box. no source code available.
the case is almost identical to

though, there's not much application code yet, except a small test
program written by myself, currently only meant to call a single
function on the dll.

so, using winemaker does not seem to spit out anything usable, 
and there seems to be no official documentation on how to use 
winebuild here.

the program is called test.c, calling symbols from a vendor-supplied
header file.
created test.o through winegcc:

winegcc -Wall -O2  -I.  -c -o test.o test.c

let's call the library vendor.dll again.
i've played with winedump, finally got a vendor.dll.spec. 

i'm calling winebuild to get a .def as follows:

winebuild --def -E vendor.dll.spec -o libvendor.def

then, one of my better guesses on how to proceed seemed to be:

winebuild --dll -fPIC -E vendor.dll.spec -L. -lvendor test.o -o

the assembler code looks reasonable. though, linking fails with
duplicate symbols:

winegcc   test.o libvendor.dll.o  -o test
: multiple definition of `__wine_spec_nt_header'

: multiple definition of `__wine_spec_file_name'

i'm aware that i could probably avoid all of this by just using
LoadLibrary() and resolving the symbols at runtime. otoh, the approach
above is potentially simpler, if i just knew how. :)

could someone please enlighten me? what am i doing wrong? 


Daniel Stodden
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