WineProbe part II; Propaganda for Wine

David Gümbel david.guembel at
Fri Nov 4 07:34:33 CST 2005

Hello everybody,

as most of you probably remember, my company (ITOMIG) launched an initiative 
called WineProbe (=~ "WineTasting" in English) some time ago. As part of 
this initiative, we're arranging an informational event next week on 
thursday afternoon in Stuttgart. We'll present Wine and its capabilities 
for migrating and porting applications to Unix. Details are available 
online (in German) [1].

The target audience are software vendors who would like to create a Linux or 
cross-platform version of their Windows-based products. However, anyone 
interested is cordially invited to come, listen and discuss, and have a 
glass of good wine afterwards ;) The event is free, you just need to send 
us a small application form avaliable online on [1].

Aside from that, I wrote an article titled "Grenzen 
überschreiten" ("Crossing Borders") about Wine and its use in the city of 
Böblingen in a project we're running together with Böblingen and Tübingen 
University. It was published in print this week in the magazine Kommune21 
[2]. Kommune21 is a magazine about the use of information technology in 
municipalities (german: "Kommunen"). About 11 000 copies are printed every 
month, and I'd say the CIO of pretty much every major german city has a 

They do not normally have a free online version of their contents available. 
However, they provided me with a PDF of the article, which we're allowed to 
put online on our web site. I think this is very nice advertisement for 
Wine, in particular because of the very specific audience of that 
publication. Anyone interested can find the article available online at 




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